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 Subway tunnel advertising is a very innovative form of advertising. Although many people say that the subway tunnel advertising pattern is too eye-catching, it has an undeniable advertising value in advertising and has brought great benefits to advertisers. Advertising effect income, the following is the introduction of advertising portal to the principle of subway tunnel advertising:

         During the May Day holiday, passengers can find Nestle Coffee and Lenovo computer's advertisements in Metro Line 2 to build a national door to the dark tunnel of Chaoyang sections in Metro Line 2, and these advertisements will "move". Like a movie.


         The principle of the subway tunnel advertising is actually in the same manner, the movie is almost, which is the use of the human eye's vision. It is only the TV. The movie is moving moving, and the tunnel advertisement is the signal. LED full-color display, the static picture between the two light columns in the tunnel actually equivalent to the film's film, "film" has several continuous action decomposition pictures. When the train passes a certain speed, these continuous static pictures are like "sports”。

         If the tunnel is installed is a light box advertisement, it is more dangerous to drill into the tunnel. The tunnel advertising system only needs to replace the "broadcast" advertisement in the computer system, no need to drill the tunnel. Managers can also adjust the contents of advertising based on passenger flow.

         The above is a simple introduction to the principles of the subway tunnel advertising. I hope you can understand the form of tunnel advertising. If you want to know more advertising behavior, please log in to the advertising behavior.

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