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The LED display is less than its unique feature, long service life, low cost, high brightness, and more and more places have its figure, outdoor architectural wall, square and car Shang and so on, now in the subway tunnel has also been widely used. The subway LED display has become the latest highlight of the subway tunnel.

There are two forms in the application of the subway tunnel LED display.

One form is to continuously install a static LED display on the tunnel wall. The tunnel walls have 200 to 800, and 400 to 800 can be installed continuously. We know that people's eyes will regard 24 frames / sec picture as continuous, just like seeing cartoons, movies. Use this principle to design the LED display of the metro tunnel. When the train is high-speed, the screen mounted on the tunnel wall is flashed by a screen with the passenger on the position of the tunnel wall, so that the passenger feels quickly by limiting the visual angle of each single screen installed on the tunnel wall. To the animation effect.

Another form is to mount a vertical light in the inner wall in the tunnel, each of which is nearly 1 meter, and nearly 600 LEDs are distributed as a column of pixels, and between the two lightners is about 1.2 meters. This "animation" is set in a period of relatively stable subway speed. When the train is stationary, you can only see the light spots of each light column, when the train moves quickly, use "Visual Temporary" The principle (1/24 second) can form a dynamic picture. The effect of frame scanning is formed with a similar TV. If the speed is slightly or slower, people on the train will feel that the picture is moving forward or backward.
In contrast, the latter's animation advertising cost is lower, as long as the program is set in advance, the different parts of each of the light bars can be done, but the color of the picture is complex. The degree is obviously better than the real "animated advertisement" consisting of static LED images.
The LED display is the first choice for outdoor advertising. It has an advantage that it is unacceptable. It is a significant cold-proof moisture, super strong outdoor environment, HD full color, all LED electronic display screening outdoor media. Outdoor media. Hengxin Shengda Electronics is as you wish!

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