Company tenet: service first, quality first, faithfulness first, product first.

Enterprise values: Innovation and development, the pursuit of excellence.

Overall goal: new product, good benefit, great contribution, beautiful environment, rich workers.

Business philosophy: win the market with good faith, open up the market with innovation.

Market philosophy:  today's quality is tomorrow's market, enterprise reputation is invisible market,  customer satisfaction is eternal market.

Competition concept: the brave win, the brave win the wise.

Management concept: on-site management -- standardization;  Quality management -- standardization;  Cost management -- marketization;  Marketing management -- network;  Integrated management -- humanism.

Quality concept:  qualified products is our responsibility, quality excellence is our contribution. No quality, no sales market,  no integrity, no market sales.

Emphasis on talent concept:  talent is the most valuable wealth of enterprises,  enterprises provide opportunities for employees to create wealth for the enterprise.

Select the concept of talent:  it is not necessary to use the most senior people, also not necessarily to use the famous people,  but to use the most needed, the most practical talents.

Education concept: more ideas less substitution;  Accept talents with tolerance and nurture talents with love;  We should not only train "economic man", but also train "moral man" of high level.

The concept of using talents: seeking talents sincerely and applying talents realistically;  How much talent you have, will give you a big stage.

Enterprise spirit: pioneering, innovative, realistic and dedicated.

Team consciousness: one heart, unity and hard work;  Sincere cooperation, hand in hand.

Sense of responsibility: responsibility weightier than Mount Tai, responsibility to lay the good faith;  Responsibility is the premise of enterprise cooperation, responsibility is the cornerstone of win-win partners.

Sense of responsibility to employees:  think of what employees want, urgent employees urgent, solve the difficulties of employees.

Responsibility to partners: mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, common growth.

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